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We build sustainable healthy workplaces and communities.

Garden design, garden construction, garden plot and land access, gardening and fresh food prep training and workshops, farm to workplace /community fresh fruit and vegetable delivery service. Food garden and garden sharing platform.

We make eating fresh grown food fun, easy and delicious.



A total solution for corporations and apartments that engages employees and residents to grow, eat and enjoy good food. Farm-fresh and garden-fresh food is health and wellness for your business and community.

Garden, share, buy or sell fresh local produce. Fun, tasty and easy.

Corporate Health and Wellness

Did you know that 94% of corporate healthcare cost is spent on treatment rather than prevention? Alfrea offers a unique and fun health and wellness employee benefit with fresh, tasty, sustainably-grown whole foods available to all. We establish corporate gardens, employee gardens and deliver farm fresh local food and employee-grown fruits and vegetables to the workplace. It's like a community garden for your workplace combined with a custom CSA farm share.* And many businesses feel good offering Alfrea as an example of their corporate social responsibility.

Apartment Garden Amenity

On-site apartment gardens are today's preferred amenity with a 10-20% usage rate. Alfrea designs, builds, and manages community gardens for property management firms. Our unique amenity includes beautiful food garden plots, workshops and training that build community satisfaction. We also offer local food concierge services delivering farm fresh food to your residents.

Good food: Fresh fruits and vegetables

Healthy. Green. Fair. Affordable.

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*Community Supported Agriculture

  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) generally identifies a farm share program offered as a membership.  Many people in a community purchase a share of a small local farm's produce. The produce can be organically-grown or conventionally-grown. The farmer then provides the fruits and veggies they grow in what is often known as a CSA box or a produce box. A box of fresh, tasty locally-grown fresh foods.
  • Alfrea offers a new way to CSA.  We support local small scale farmers. With Alfrea you can purchase local food from multiple small farmers or share food grown by one of your co-workers or a neighbor. Then we aggregate the fresh fruits and vegetables and deliver it to your workplace, your community or somewhere nearby. Its an innovative amenity and employee benefits program that's fun and easy. A farmers' market in a box delivered to you.