Grow. Eat. Enjoy.

Alfrea builds healthy workplaces and communities.

We know that people connect over fresh food. And long-term health starts on your plate. Our gardens and wellness programs empower healthy engaged communities to grow together.

Alfrea helps you build a culture of wellness in your workplace and beyond. When you team up with Alfrea, you set up your community for success. We help you support the health of people around you with options to garden, buy fresh produce, and give back to communities in need.


How it works

Workplace Gardens

We help you design a garden for your workplace. We install and maintain the gardens and train people so that they can grow healthy fresh food.

Online Farmers Market

We stock our online store with local produce from regional farms. Members select food as if at their community farmers market. Direct farm-to-workplace deliveries save time and make it easy for busy people to eat fresh food.

Sharing Community

Our platform connects people with the resources they need to get involved in the fresh food movement. Online postings for shared space, support, and produce exchange allow everyone to participate and access good food.

Wellness Programs

We deliver wellness programming to your workplaces and communities through training and workshops. Cooking classes, lectures from industry experts, and teambuilding events jumpstart conversations about health. We customize each program for you and your community.

Why it works

Communities thrive on fresh food.

When people participate in growing their on own food, they eat more fruits and vegetables. When people eat more fruits and vegetables, they are happier, healthier, have higher cognitive function, miss less days of work and are more productive.

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