December Grad or Senior? Exciting Startup Alfrea / Local Food Health & Wellness

Alfrea is hiring.  The perfect opportunity for a student who wants to get started early on a part-time basis.

Majors that may be relevant include:

  • Business
  • Environmental Science & Sustainability
  • Health and Wellness related
  • Agriculture

We are located right across the street from Stockton University on Pomona Rd, so part-time work is easy and convenient, although some travel within NJ and eastern PA may be required.

As a start-up, the candidate can expect to work on a variety of assignments such as customer service, training, workshop development, customer engagement, farm-to-workplace delivery, marketing, and sales.

Alfrea is a new employee health and wellness company providing workplace gardens, training and workshops, farm-to-workplace food deliveries, and a garden sharing platform

About Alfrea                     


A world in which all people have access to local sustainably grown food.

What it is:          

Alfrea is a new technology-based platform that has been created to change people’s relationship with fresh foods by providing individuals an opportunity to take greater control and have greater involvement with it. The company is based on multiple trends that show a growing concern over health and food quality, a growing desire to grow-your-own and get back to the earth, concern over lack of access to fresh whole foods, and a growing entrepreneurial and sharing society.

What we do:

We make it easy and fun for employees and apartment residents to grow, eat and enjoy fresh, local, tasty food.
About the position:

  • We have a few roles we would like to fill. We may fill them with a few part-time or, one or two, closer to full-time folks.  So, if you have a passion around what we do, I encourage you to send
    in your resume.
  • We need someone to help conduct workshops and training. Topics may include a range of subjects including: local grown food, how to succeed in gardening, food’s impact on health and wellness, how to use fresh foods in cooking etc.
  • We also have a need for someone to help manage onsite fresh food delivery to our corporate customers. This may include farm pickup and packaging.
  • There may be opportunities for creative writers.
  • The position offers the opportunity to learn about life in a scalable business startup.

About the candidate:

  • Willing to work hard to help us achieve our business goals.
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving
  • Able to work independently or as part of team
  • Great communications skills
  • Social / outgoing personality
  • Knowledge of farming, gardening, health and wellness
  • Familiar with, and excited by, making a difference in social impact and sustainability
  • Preferred, but not required, located locally in South Jersey or Philadelphia area. Much of the work will be done from our office in Galloway / Egg Harbor City across from Stockton University.

Alfrea is fully committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and to attracting, retaining, developing and promoting the most qualified employees without regard to their race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, veteran status, or any other characteristic prohibited by state or local law. We are dedicated to providing a work environment free from discrimination and harassment, and where employees are treated with respect and dignity. When a conflict occurs, the company promptly addresses the matter.