Health and Wellness Benefit and Community Amenity

Over 42 million Americans are now growing some part of their own food. Community gardening and eating fresh farm to table is rapidly gaining popularity, but not everyone has the opportunity to participate. 58 million Americans live in apartments and don't have access and America is increasingly becoming urban. In urban areas food deserts are common.

At Alfrea we make it easy for apartment dwellers and urban employees to grow their own food. And for people who don't have time or don't grow all of their own food, we have an online farmers market making it easy to eat and enjoy fresh nutritious sustainably grown local food.

Common barriers to eating more fruits and vegetables include availability (49%), convenience (42%), and time (33%). Alfrea breaks these barriers by delivering fresh fruits and vegetables and garden design and installation services to your worksite.  We offer community gardens for your apartment community and workplace. And farm to workplace has never been easier. Its like a custom CSA farm share for your workplace. Your employees can learn about growing food or buy farm-to-table online. We empower your employees or residents to grow, eat and enjoy good food. The Alfrea advantage is a layered system that ensures success by offering more ways for everyone to participate, regardless of location, time or knowledge.

On-site Food Gardens

Working with your team, Alfrea will custom design, install, maintain and harvest on-site food gardens at your locations, or develop a plan of training and engagement activities that allow your employees or residents to take ownership of some or all the process.

Alfrea Sharing Community

For even more options to enjoy the grow-your-own movement, your employees or residents can join the online Alfrea Sharing Community where they can interact with their colleagues or neighbors to grow, eat or enjoy good food on their own. They can find or post land and services to grow food. Or purchase someone else’s homegrown or farm grown food. A whole new form of community supported agriculture, the sharing way.

Alfrea Farmers' Market: A new way to CSA

For those needing an even easier solution, good food can be purchased in the online Alfrea Farmers’ Market, 24/7, all year long, with convenient delivery to business or home. Its kind of like an CSA but better, in that your employees can customer order a la carte exactly what fresh foods they want. They can even choose among farmers and order from multiple farmers to get the right mix of nutritious and delicious whole foods. Then we pick it up from local farmers, package it custom for your employee and deliver fresh to your workplace.  Its fun and easy.

Whether you choose one or all these options, your Alfrea good-food program is supported with a co-branded online homepage showcasing education and events, and serves as the foundation for monthly usage and engagement metrics.

Access our online farmers' market.

Visit the sharing community.