How to post

You can post to the Alfrea Sharing Community with an individual or business membership.

  1. Join Alfrea
    Sign up for an individual or business membership to post your land, services or food. You can cancel at any time. Your membership fee will be charged to your credit card. Your customers’ payments to you will be deposited into a bank account you designate during the sign-up process. Please identify this account and have the account number and routing number available, along with your credit card information, before you start the membership process.
Membership Type Membership Fee Transaction Fee
Individual Free

Charged to your credit card


Automatically deducted from your customer’s payment to you

Business $15.00/month

Charged to your credit card


Automatically deducted from your customer’s payment to you

  1. Post your land, services or food
    You decide the amount to charge and include that price in your posting along with a photo, profile information about you and details about your product or service. Customers will be able to connect with you through the Alfrea website and choose your product.

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