Make a sustainable difference for your community. Grow with Alfrea.

We are exciting about the difference our clients are making for their communities.

Alfrea launched our farm and garden sharing community just over a year ago. Since then we have made our service available as an apartment amenity and an innovative holistic health and wellness employee benefit. We are designing and building gardens, providing training and workshops, as well as delivering food from multiple farms to workplaces and communities.

Since opening our online marketplace in June 2016, our community has grown:

  • Over 650 individual subscribers.
  • Piloting with some of the largest and most innovative apartment and property management companies in the country. These companies own or manage over 50,000 apartment units.
  • Our online farmers market delivers farm to workplace serving over 3,500 employees of progressive companies seeking to enhance the health of their workforce and their communities.

Call us (866-343-4662) to learn how you can join the movement of happy, healthy, productive and sustainable workplaces and communities.

Taste the difference with sustainable fresh farm and garden grown fruits and vegetables. Fresh food simply tastes better.

Grow. Eat. Enjoy.