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“On behalf of the faculty of the Department of Culinary Arts and Food Science at Drexel University, it is my pleasure to announce the launch of a new Master of Science degree in Culinary Arts and Science (MS CAS). In a nutshell, it is one-part culinary arts, one-part food science, and one-part gastronomy/food systems. Taken together, the program provides a comprehensive and exacting study of food.

The MS program is unique in that it is the only graduate level food program that marries the technical skills of culinary arts with food systems and food science – it shares a department with the only undergraduate culinary program in a major research/PhD degree granting university, and it is one of the few culinary programs housed in the same academic unit with food science.

The MS CAS joins existing programs in the department and center—BS in Culinary Arts and Science, Undergraduate Food Studies Minor, and an MS in Food Science—and benefits from those established programs for career and research opportunities.

Students can also benefit from our own The Drexel Food Lab as well as the extensive departmental partnerships including the Monell Chemical Senses Center, USDA’s Eastern Regional Research Center, Research Chefs Association, Drexel’s Center for Hunger Free Communities, Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships, Department of Nutrition Sciences, Center for Science & Technology Studies, and an extensive industry network.

We are currently enrolling students for Fall 2017. Here you can find admissions and degree requirements as well as a sample plan of study.

We believe this program is aligned with the mission of Alfrea and as such we’re pleased to let you know that all Alfrea member applicants will automatically be considered for a merit based scholarship of up to 25% reduction in the cost of tuition.

Please feel free to reach out to our Enrollment Manager Aqila Clement with any questions about the admissions and application process, aac33f@drexel.edu

More information on the program can be found at: drexel.edu/cafs

Backyard Riches

Grow Something New – Your Bank Account!

Put your gardening skills to work! You can make cash by growing food. Alfrea makes it easy to find the land and customers. Our partner, Backyard Riches, makes it easy to learn how to grow fast-growing crops. Join thousands of other Backyard Riches growers by creating a backyard-scale business that strengthens community health through good food.