Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to use – from garden-sharing and selling food to membership and billing. Want to know more? Contact us at and we will get back to you with an answer.

What does "Alfrea" mean?

Alfrea is a combination of two words: area and alfresco. Alfresco means "in the open air.” Alfrea is an open-aired area that is the heart of everything we do: connecting people with locally grown food.

Manage your Account

How do I manage my Alfrea Account?

Once you log in, use the drop-down menu under your name and select “Manage listings.” Or select “Settings” to manage your profile, account, notifications, payments and membership.

Sharing Community: Buying

How do I license land?

By licensing land, you aren’t leasing it. Instead, you give another person permission to access it and use it for a specific purpose, at a set time and price.

Can I post that I’m searching for land?

Yes, we encourage our user community to engage in postings that are searching for land, produce, and services.

To license land, join Alfrea. Once you log in, select “Land” at the top of the homepage and search for land listings that fit your needs. Then, specify dates for when you would like to license the land and select the “License” button. This will send a request to the landowner who will then get back to you with the details of the transaction.

How do I hire services?

To hire services, join Alfrea. Once you log in, select “Services” at the top of the homepage and search for the right provider for you. Once you are ready to hire, click the “Hire!” button. This will send a request to the provider who will then get back to you discuss your needs.

How do I buy local food?

To find local food near you, join Alfrea. When you log in, select “Food” at the top of the homepage and search the food listings. Click on the food you want to purchase, pay for it and pick it up at your convenience.

Remember: As an Alfrea policy you must do all transactions through the Alfrea portal. All messages are screened to ensure no personal information is passed until a payment has been made.

How do I get my local food?

You have options. You can choose to pick up produce at a designated area, at the produce provider location, or you choose shipping options for additional costs.

Can I choose my own hours for food pickup?

Yes. The buyer and seller set up a pick up time. If you are purchasing through your employer’s program, we manage farm-to-workplace deliveries at a set date and time.

Sharing Community: Selling

How do I post land, services or food?

You can post to the Alfrea Sharing Community with an individual or business membership.

  • Join Alfrea: Sign up for an individual or business membership to post your land, services or food. When you sign up, you will link a bank account to your account. Your customers’ payments will be deposited in this account. To sign up, please have your account and credit card information available.
Membership Type Membership Fee Transaction Fee
Individual $4.50/month

Charged to your credit card


Automatically deducted from your customer’s payment to you

Business $15.00/month

Charged to your credit card


Automatically deducted from your customer’s payment to you

  • Post your land, services or food: You decide the amount to charge and include that price in your posting along with a photo, profile information about you and details about your product or service.

What are my transaction limits?

There is no transaction limit on Alfrea.

How many listings can I post on Alfrea?

Individual users can have up to 25 listings at a time. Business users you can have up to 500 listings at a time. If you think you received a listing limit message in error, please contact us at with the subject “Listing Limit.”  Please provide your name and e-mail so that we can look into your problem.

What is your posting policy? What can't I post?

We select sustainably grown produce from Mid-Atlantic farmers. Sellers can post products that follow the good food standards as defined by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation:

  • Healthy food provides nourishment.
  • Green food is environmentally sustainable.
  • Fair food is created without exploitation.
  • Affordable food is accessible to everyone.

We also ask that you only post locally-grown food, land that belongs to you, and services you provide yourself.  The Alfrea team approves all listings, and Alfrea reserves the right to remove unacceptable posts. We do not offer refunds if posts are removed due to a violation of posting policy.

Can I post my small yard for land?

Yes. Any size space is welcome.

I don’t have land. Can I rent out the containers on my porch, or the back of my truck?

You can rent out anything in which someone can plant and grow a viable garden. Be creative! We love to see new things pop up for rent on Alfrea. If it belongs to you, you can rent it out.

Can I set my own pricing?

Land and service providers and food sellers are permitted to establish their own pricing.

Can I post a minimum order amount?

Alfrea has not established a minimum amount per sale, but a seller has the option to do so.

Can I ship products?

Yes. But keep in mind if you desire to ship products you must agree with your buyer who will pay for shipping and either the seller absorbs the cost or charges the buyer.

Can I offer a basket of goods?

Yes. You can create any combination of goods at one set price. An example is a basket of salad fixings.

Can I sell prepared food items?

Absolutely. Our market offers items such as jams, jellies, pickles, and even dog treats.

Can I promote the farmers markets I attend?

We don’t allow advertisements or self-promotions on our site. But you can arrange for your online buyer to pick up at your farmers market.


When will I be billed?

It is always free to make purchases on Alfrea. Anyone posting a listing on Alfrea may have a membership fee.

You will be billed for your first month on the day you sign up, and on the same day every month thereafter. We do not bill retroactively. If you have questions about your billing, please contact us at with the subject “Billing Question.”

Can I get a refund if I change my mind right away?

If you change your mind within 48 hours of signing up, we will refund your membership. Listings posted during those 48 hours will be removed.

Can I get a refund if no one rents my land, hires my services or buys my food?

No. We cannot guarantee that someone will rent land, hire services or buy food.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your subscription, simply send an email to with the subject, “Account Cancellation.” You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours that your subscription has been canceled.

If you cancel in the middle of a month, your account will be downgraded to a free user when the month ends.

When can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time.  We do not offer refunds, so if you cancel in the middle of the month, you will be charged for the entire month. Once you are downgraded to a free user, all your listings will be deactivated.