Participate in the fresh food movement.

The Sharing Economy for land, gardening, farming and locally grown food.

Our platform connects you with the resources you need to take part in the fresh food movement.

  • Find a garden plot or find a few acres to farm or offer your backyard or farm for others to grow food.
  • Find garden help or farm hands: Need some help getting started building a raise garden or want someone to work on your farm?  Or offer your own services. Maybe you are a master gardener or grew up on a farm and want to get back to working in good soil.
  • Find fresh homegrown food or farm grown food near you: Wants some fresh local apples but don't know where to find them?  Have extra butternut squash and want to earn extra income? Alfrea helps you find your match.
  • The sharing economy comes to local food and local farm and garden resources.
  • Find Sign up, log in, and connect with your community. Then, you can share tips and exchange excess food from you own garden.

Land Sharing

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