Join the sharing community: Garden style

Whether it’s ride-sharing or house-sharing, sharing communities are the way we get things done. Alfrea is an online sharing community that brings together gardeners, farmers, land owners, garden services and fresh grown food so everyone can grow, eat and enjoy good food. It is free to use and shop the Alfrea Sharing Community. Here’s how it works.


Not everyone has a space to garden. Alfrea matches people who want to grow their own fruits and vegetables with people who have land to spare.

Who needs land?

  • Urban farmers and gardeners
  • Apartment dwellers who want land to grow food
  • Employees who want to start a workplace or corporate garden
  • Folks looking to start a community garden
  • Would-be farmers looking for a plot of land to start out
  • Backyard or family gardeners who need more space

Who has land to share?

  • Busy folks with a backyard. People who would like to grow food and are willing to share their land in return for fruits or veggies
  • People who want to earn some extra income by sharing their backyard with a gardener
  • People who would like to turn their grass and lawn into a productive food garden or backyard farm
  • Developers with unused inner city lots
  • Rural landowners with acres to spare
  • Governments holding unused land they would like to put to better use


Finding help to garden or farm is easy too. Whether you need someone to water while you’re on vacation or looking for a professional to design and install your raised bed veggie garden, the sharing community is the place to find it. From small to large, individuals and businesses are using Alfrea to connect with local farmers and neighbors who need their skills and expertise.

What kind of services could I find?

  • Garden design, installation, maintenance and harvesting
  • Garden ideas
  • Raised garden bed installation
  • “Garden-sitting” while you’re away
  • Pest and disease trouble-shooting
  • Fruit tree pruning and maintenance
  • Small garden ideas
  • Seed harvesting
  • Soil amending
  • Designing compost systems
  • Cedar raised bed construction
  • Lifting and hauling heavy things
  • Preserving food
  • Education on how to improve your gardening
  • Farming professionals who can prepare, plant and harvest

What kind of services could I post?

  • Any service that helps people who want to grow their own food
  • Small garden design
  • Herb garden
  • Build raised beds
  • Build rain water systems for gardeners
  • Offer your expertise: How to use sustainable and organic farm and garden practices
  • Offer your expertise in permaculture farm and garden practices
  • Start your own business or earn extra money
  • Or use Alfrea to grow your existing business by reaching new customers in nearby


Whether it’s an overabundance of garden tomatoes, zucchini, apples or plums or your family’s famous pickles that are turning into a business, Alfrea is the place to post your locally-grown and -made food and connect with people in your community. And for those looking to buy, think of this as the place to pick up food items you may not be growing, or the no-work option to growing-your-own. You can reap all the reward without all the effort. With Alfrea you can share you locally grown food with your neighbors or your co-workers.

Who might want to find local food?

  • Anyone looking for homegrown or local farm grown without the effort
  • Anyone looking for locally grown food who want to know the farmer.
  • People looking to teach their kids about where food comes from.
  • People who don't trust the industrial food system.
  • Gardeners with limited space who want to add to the variety of their harvest
  • Communities that want to support the local economy
  • Families looking for locally-grown food options in the off-season

Who might want to sell local food?

  • Backyard gardeners who have produce to spare
  • Gardeners who grow extra food to supplement their income
  • Local farmers branching out from bricks-and-mortar farmers’ markets
  • Farmers who want an easy way to sell extra fruits and vegetables online
  • Small-scale gardeners offering novelty produce for home cooks and restaurants
  • Organic and permaculture gardeners with a variety of local foods to offer

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