We connect people with the fresh food on their plates.

Have a hand in the fresh food movement. Gardens are popping up everywhere, and there’s always room to grow. Our experts are ready to help you and your team expand your fresh food know-how.

From hands-on cooking classes to lectures from industry experts and Alfrea’s farming partners, we offer a range of fresh food-forward events. If you have an idea of what you'd like to see, let us know. We can customize a program for you and your team.

Example workshops and training sessions:

Integrated Medicine with Dr. Aly Cohen

Health and wellness is a hot topic, and Dr. Aly Cohen is here to give you the lowdown. She’s a Rheumatologist and Integrative medicine physician and author of The Smart Human: Essential Guide to Living Healthy in a Chemical World.

The Farmer and The Chef

A New Jersey farmer and a chef team up to walk employees through delicious, fresh recipes that travel from farm to kitchen to table.

Garden Fresh and Therapeutic

A physical therapist drops knowledge on how choosing fresh foods can speed up recovery and get you on the right track.

Ugly Veggies Can Be Beautiful Too!

Learn by doing: select a handful of nature’s less-than-beautiful vegetables and turn them into culinary masterpieces.

A Reason for the Season

Tired of eating the same old thing? Learn to prep meals based on seasonal ingredients. Winter produce is anything but frozen.

Thanksgiving 101

Say goodbye to canned cranberry sauce. Bringing fresh produce from the garden to the holiday table requires a little know-how. Pick up the skills you need for stellar Turkey Day dishes worthy of leftovers.

Meet the Farmers of Alfrea

Hang out with the true culinary heroes: our farmers. Hear about the serious science at play as they cultivate farm fresh food from seed to harvest.

Backyard Farming and the Lessons Learned

Alfrea's own Julie Pierre shares her farming successes and pitfalls so you can improve your backyard gardening game.

Urban Farming 101

Jonathan Wetstein visits our site to talk urban garden strategies. Listen in to learn how city crops can thrive.

Diabetes and How to Eat

A health care professional dishes on real-world ways people with diabetes can benefit from farm fresh food.

The Besto Pesto Around

Team up with coworkers and learn to create your own homemade pesto. It’s fresh, easy, and fun.

The Garden: A Fall & Winter Wonderland

It’s true: amazing veggies can grow in chilly temps. Get the lowdown on growing and eating fresh food all year around.

The Smoothie Operator

Will it blend? There’s only one way to find out. Learn to whip homegrown fruits and veggies into easy, sweet and creamy treats for the whole family.

Employee Cookbook

It’s a potluck in print. Submit your tried and true recipes for an employee cookbook collection. The Alfrea team then prepares a few of the favorites for a team-wide taste test.

A Team that Gardens Together, Stays Together

Let’s get our hands dirty. Alfrea seamlessly integrates team building exercises with hands-on gardening.

Mobile Meetings: A Thing of the Future

Does talking burn calories? Now it can. Learn how mobile walking meetings work. You can follow the trails we’ve laid out and burn calories while on the phone.

We’re grateful for the strategic partners who support our programs:

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Our standard program basics:

  • 3-hour event
  • An Alfrea expert to guide the experience
  • Option to be interactive with your workforce

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