25 Ways to Make Money Gardening And Selling Homegrown Food

If you love gardening, you’ve almost certainly asked yourself how you can make a living doing what you love.

We’ve pulled together 25 ideas to get you thinking about how Alfrea can help you make money gardening and selling homegrown food.

Some will seem obvious – growing a little extra produce to sell online, for example – while others are more adventurous. How about gleaning unwanted fruit from urban trees, making jam and selling it?

If don’t have a garden yet, read our post on backyard gardening for a look at why and how you should get planting now.


25 Great Ideas to Make Money Gardening

  1. Farmers who are already established at bricks-and-mortar farmers’ markets can start selling fruit and vegetables online, to expand their customer base.
  2. Backyard gardeners can grow extra vegetables to sell for profit on the Alfrea Marketplace, starting a side-hustle that can increase income with gardening.
  3. Entrepreneurs can start growing microgreens in their basement or garage and sell specialty greens to restaurants and amateur chefs looking for something unique.
  4. Master Gardeners can help diagnose and treat garden plant disease, to help gardeners who are struggling with pests.
  5. Foragers can collect wild, edible plants and sell them to locals who are interested in eating native plants. Check out our post on Winter Foraging to see an expert in action.
  6. Herb growers can sell fresh, homegrown herbs to restaurateurs and locals alike.
  7. Landscapers can connect with gardeners who need help building new gardens, removing garden refuse and hauling soil or compost.
  8. Urban gleaners who collect fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste can sell the produce they collect or preserve it and sell jam and jelly.
  9. Gardeners can offer to help seniors with gardening tasks. Tips for arranging this kind of relationship can be found in our post on labor sharing.
  10. Fermenters who use homegrown produce to make kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha can sell fermented products to friends and neighbors.
  11. Canners who use homegrown fruits to make jam, jelly and other preserves can sell canned goods to people who live in their community.
  12. Freelance gardeners who own a tiller can sell tilling services to backyard gardeners and small farmers at the beginning and end of each growing season.
  13. Farmers who operate pick-your-own fields can sell produce that is harvested after visitors have picked their rows.
  14. Beekeepers can sell honey to friends and neighbors.
  15. Garden-sitters can stop by to water vegetable gardens while owners are on vacation or traveling for work.
  16. Homeowners who have backyard space they never use can earn money on Alfrea’s Garden Share marketplace renting land to someone looking for space to garden.
  17. Seed savers can sell seeds online, teach people how to save seeds, and offer advice on seeds that grow well in a local climate.
  18. Freelance gardeners can offer help people garden successfully. This could mean providing basic garden maintenance like watering and weeding, or offering full-scale gardening services from planting through to harvest, and even preservation!
  19. Herbalists can grow and sell medicinal herbs, teas and tinctures to people interested in natural healing options.
  20. Garden designers can work with new or experienced gardeners to design vegetable gardens.
  21. Developers or city governments with vacant parcels of land can connect with individuals or groups looking to start an urban garden or a community garden.
  22. Soil scientists and experts can offer soil testing and amendment schedules for gardeners who want to improve the soil in a garden.
  23. Aquaponics experts can make money selling herbs, vegetables, off-season produce or even fish.
  24. Permaculture practitioners can earn money selling homegrown produce and helping others design and implement permaculture practices in their own gardens.
  25. People raising backyard chickens can sell eggs to people in their local community.

Alfrea provides an opportunity to make money gardening, whether that means garden-sitting for a long weekend, designing and building a backyard garden for someone, or offering homegrown food for sale. You can even earn money renting out your backyard to someone who needs space to start a garden!

Whether you’re looking to start a small business or make a little money with a weekend side-hustle, the opportunities are endless.

There are so many ways to make money gardening using the Alfrea platform.

Click here to join the Alfrea Marketplace and make money today!



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