Alfrea May Newsletter

Happy Spring fellow Alfrea Gardeners, Market Producers and Service providers. Spring has sprung and gardening madness has begun.

Fresh local spring vegetables are arriving in our Market section
Check out our Online Farmers Market /Produce for local fresh delicacies being harvested especially for you, fresh herbs, spring onions, kale, microgreens, pea shoots, baby spinach and spicy stir fry mix.

Our featured local produce
Spicy Stir Fry Mix is just in and it is local, organic, sustainable farm grown and delicious!

New Alfrea Gardening Guidelines Blog Posting
Gardening is part science, part art, so while there are never any guarantees, this guide will get you off on the right foot. Our newest blog posting Planting Guidelines written by our resident farmer and farming expert Julie, has been posted for your benefit.

Inclusive in the Planting Guideline Blog are tips on:

  • Seed selection
  • Our suggested online seed sources
  • When to plant
  • Sunlight requirements
  • Spacing
  • Weeding
  • Fertilizing along with our organic fertilizer recommendations

Happy Gardening!

Alfrea was built to help gardeners and landowners connect

Your Marketplace for Land Sharing, Garden Services, and connecting you to Fresh Local food.

Our Land Sharing option helps people who want to rent a garden plot, find landowners to want their space put to productive use. By starting a garden share, you can:

  • Directly address the No. 1 problem facing would-be gardeners: lack of land
  • Help reduce the backlog at community gardens
  • Improve food security in your community
  • Cultivate new friendships with like-minded neighbors
  • Fight climate change by reducing food miles and restoring carbon to the soil.

Our Market/Produce Sharing option helps people who want to find / buy / sell local produce. Think online Farmers Market, you will have the capability to Sell and Buy Fresh Seasonal Produce offered.

Our Service Sharing option helps people find and or provide Garden Services. And if you want to earn money helping others in the garden, we make finding customers easy. Alfrea’s helping hands can:

  • Garden-sit
  • Water and weed
  • Diagnose and treat pests
  • Design and build new gardens
  • Select and save seeds
  • Till, top dress and build soil
  • Build and manage compost piles
  • Lift and haul heavy things
  • Help with harvest and preservation
  • Teach you how to improve your gardening

Win the Amenities war. Our Apartment Amenity offering connects apartment communities with land and services to grow their own food. We work directly with apartment management companies and owners to design and implement garden spaces in order to differentiate their communities. Forget location, location, location. For apartment managers, there’s a new battle cry:
amenities, amenities, amenities. New residents demand them—and you feel the pressure to
deliver them. And if you can’t—you’ll feel the pressure of filling vacant units. Alfrea has the

Our Corporate Wellness Gardening for your Employees. We offer multiple packages, with services including:

  • Corporate campus garden design and implementation
  • Ongoing garden maintenance
  • Onsite and online workshops and training to engage employees
  • Delivery of locally grown items from nearby farms directly to your office
  • Metrics on employee usage

Alfrea can help. Would-be gardeners can find and rent a garden plot with a free membership; landowners looking to rent out space pay an affordable membership fee.

The growing season is starting! See our current listings for inspiration and then post your land, service or market product.

Here at Alfrea we’re excited to be creating an online community working to connect neighbors to land, gardening services and local food.  To better serve you we are currently conducting a customer service survey.  We appreciate you taking the time to help us better connect our local food system.


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