We help DESIGN, BUILD and MAINTAIN GARDENS just about anywhere! and also help you SELL your food!

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How we DESIGN, BUILD and MAINTAIN GARDENS just about anywhere and help you earn Money!

1) LOCATION: We’re experts in connecting workplaces and communities with land they can use. Trust us—there’s always a solution, even for city dwellers!

2) DESIGN: Once you have your spot, now comes the fun part: design. We can help you come up with the perfect plan for your new garden, taking into account your workforce’s or community’s needs, aesthetic, and location.

3) CONSTRUCTION: If you’re not sure how to construct a garden or simply don’t have the time, leave the hammer and nails to us. We build raised beds by hand to your exact specifications.

4) MAINTENANCE: We can even help with weeding, watering, and garden care to make sure your plot stays in tip-top shape.

5) ENGAGEMENT: To help encourage involvement from employees or community residents, we provide marketing materials that spread the word about your new garden. Now Grow your own food and earn Money!

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