We are pleased to welcome you to Alfrea. It’s our goal to help make you healthier and happier through the power of fresh food.

Enjoy our experiential learning program with fun classes and team building events like: Backyard Farming 101, The Besto Pesto, Cooking with the Doc and more.

Alfrea partners with Lourdes Health System to offer Health and Wellness as an employee benefit. Experiential learning: cooking classes, nutrition programs, health challenges, seasonal eating benefits, organic and sustainable gardening classes, ice breaker and team building events focusing on fresh healthy grown food and gardening.

Wellness Challenges

Want to set up a challenge for yourself, a team or friends? Alfrea puts together the benefits of these challenges and the goal that is optimal for your wellness. You monitor your progress using apps on your phone, it is fun and easy!

See the challenges here.

Eating with the Seasons

Our latest Spring Seasonal Eating section reviews the importance of balancing your diet with seasonal eating and the overall health benefits that help to achieve good metabolic health.

Read about Seasonal Spring Eating here.

If you still have questions after reviewing the FAQ below, please contact us at support@alfrea.com.

David Wagstaff

Fiber Wellness Challenge

Getting enough fiber is something people don’t think about all that often. Let’s face it: Most of us haven’t a clue how many grams of fiber we’re taking in on a typical day.


Connect with others at work or in the greater community to share land, fresh food, and farm skills.


Have questions? Browse our FAQ to learn more about using the Alfrea resources available to you.

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