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Meet the makers

Alfrea is proud to work with a variety of conscious growers and land owners who operate sustainably.

Barefoot Boy

Barefoot Boy is FarmArt’s all-local brand, sourcing produce from small and mid-sized farms in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware within a 150 mile radius of Philadelphia. They are a family owned business operating out of Folcroft, PA. They aim to provide the freshest quality product possible. Barefoot is part of Alfrea’s workplace CSA.

Beechwood Orchards

A fifth generation, family owned farm, Beechwood Orchards, has been operating in Adams County for over a century. David and Tammy Garretson are the current owners. They were joined by their son, Shawn, in 2005 after he graduated from Penn State with a degree in Horticulture, and in 2009 by Melissa Allen, their daughter. She brought her two small daughters Isabelle and Cammy who have already begun to show an interest in agriculture. They are members of Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture and practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control disease and pests in the field. IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment.

Blue Moon Acres

Blue Moon Acres all started with a passion for high-quality, locally-produced food. With backgrounds in natural foods-wholesaling and farming, owners Jim and Kathy Lyons wanted to pursue a healthier, more sustainable form of agriculture. Together they realized their dreams to own and operate a farm.. When Blue Moon first opened its doors in 1992, it did so as a CSA—Community Supported Agriculture operation. The following year saw the first harvest of micro greens and the first sale to a New York City restaurant. Word spread from chef to chef, and what was once a small backyard operation soon became the most trusted name in the business. During this time, Jim and Kathy raised three children, the eldest of whom, Ashley, now heads the sales and marketing department. In 2007, with an eye towards expanding their product offering, Blue Moon Acres acquired a 63-acre Certified Organic farm on agriculturally-preserved land in Pennington, New Jersey. It was here that several years later, Blue Moon built their first farm market, in which both the farm’s Organic produce and other locally-made goods are sold. Today, the farm operates with an ever-increasing focus on sustainability via the use of bio diesel farm equipment, and geothermal heating and cooling techniques. Looking to the future, Blue Moon’s focus will remain on sustainability and soil biology, which results in disease-resistant, better-tasting, more nutrient-dense foods.

Castle Valley

Located in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Castle Valley Mill continues to produce the finest in stone ground flours, meals and grain mixes. Processed slowly and at cool temperatures on antique buhr mills, the vitamins, nutrients and wholesome goodness of the grain are preserved and produce exceptional quality foods. When able they use local Bucks County grains and always grind the grains fresh. They do not use any preservatives except refrigeration and produce a healthy, quality product that is food the way it meant it to be: natural, healthy, nutritious and full of flavor.

Common Market

Common Market is a Philadelphia non-profit that sources local product from producers in our region. They’re mission is to support the regional food system around Philadelphia by connecting farmers to buyers and investing in the infrastructure necessary to do so.

D and V Organics

After farming for over a decade on various organic and conventional farms in the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, Derek Zember and Victoria Nachimson started D&V Organics on 50 scenic, farmland preserved acres in South Jersey in 2015.
Their growing practices follow the guidelines set forth by the USDA National Organic Program. Growing organically means being mindful of their agricultural practices and prioritizing the health of the consumer, the workers and the environment.

Daisy Organic Flours

Daisy Organic Flours are certified 100% organic and kosher and are not bleached, bromated, or enriched. Their flours are available as nutritious whole grain and white flours. The flour is milled using the old fashion flouring process on century old roller mills. The slow flouring process and lower operating temperatures retain many naturally occurring nutrients and starches that are lost to the higher temperatures of modern processing equipment. Their products are made from locally grown Non-GMO grains, 100% USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, and Chemical free.

Eagle Road Farm

Eagle Road Farm grows a variety of vegetables in Lancaster County that are Certified Organic.

Emerick’s Maple Syrup

Emerick’s Pure Maple Products is a family owned and operated business. Matthew & Stephanie Emerick and their 4 children; along with Eddie Emerick, currently run the business. Now in the third generation, Emerick’s Pure Maple Products is known for their pure maple products and friendly & knowledgeable owners who are willing to answer questions.

Four Seasons Produce

The Four Seasons Family of Companies provides reliable solutions for fresh produce distribution through a spectrum of services. All four companies are rooted in a tradition of excellence, a heart for service and a desire to grow mutually beneficial partnerships.
David Hollinger, Founder of Four Seasons Produce, Inc., shared his father’s love of farming and sold his first garden crop to a store near Ephrata, Pennsylvania when he was just eight years old. David’s infatuation with fresh produce deepened as he traveled with his father to purchase produce for the family farm market as a child. As an adult, he felt compelled to serve, so he and his wife, Debbie, spent several years in rural Mississippi providing volunteer services in a farmer’s co-op. After returning home, David resumed work in the family produce market, buying produce and managing the company. It was then, in 1976, that Four Seasons Produce, Inc. came to life. Hollinger purchased a 5,000 square foot building, a few trucks and equipment so he could supply local restaurants and markets with fresh produce. To this day Four Seasons Produce Inc. remains a family-owned business. David is active as Chairman & Founder, and his son Jason Hollinger is the General Manager.

Greenstreet Coffee Roasters

GreenStreet Coffee is a pioneer Philadelphia coffee roaster honing the craft of coffee with passion. Currently roasting in South Philadelphia and serving fresh by the cup at 1101 Spruce Street, GreenStreet prides itself on direct trade practices that allow for transparency from seed to cup.
Brothers Tom and Chris Molieri started GreenStreet Coffee Roasters with the goal of offering a fresh approach to great coffee and sustainable business practices. It’s this approach that they believe contributes to building a stronger local community in Philadelphia that also allows for a positive impact on the developing countries that cultivate the beans that make our coffee great.

Griggstown Farm

In 1975, George Rude began raising a handful of quail on two acres of a farm located in the historic village of Griggstown in Princeton, N.J. At that time the property was owned by Peter Josten. By the time George Rude purchased the land from Josten in 1992, the Griggstown Quail Farm had grown to over 65 acres raising pheasants, quail, chickens and, when in season, Mallard and Muscovy ducks, turkeys, and partridge. All the birds were all natural (free of growth hormones and antibiotics) and cage free without overcrowding, a standard George Rude keeps to this day.
The farm is proud to raise all natural free range heritage breed turkeys, which are the closest breed to the turkeys that the Pilgrims ate. We also raise free range traditional white turkeys and free range pheasants, which are available in the store from October until March. We sell most of the turkeys during Thanksgiving; make sure to place your order early since we sell out each year!
The farm houses a USDA processing plant which processes poultry five days a week. Deliveries to distributors and restaurants are made everyday. The farm sits just off Bunkerhill Road in Griggstown and passers by often see horses peacefully grazing in the fields of the Griggstown Farm.

Honey Brook Harvest Collective

Located in Honey Brook, PA the Harvest Collective is a group of farmers that all grow and contribute to our food system we’re working hard to develop. Initially, we first met Reuben Riehl in the fall of 2012 and began talking about this crazy idea of him supplying the CSA. Now, two and a half years later, Reuben and eight of his neighbors are growing crops, making cheese, and raising chickens, beef, pork, duck, and lamb for the CSA. The group is only open to growers that care greatly for their land and take pride in their natural growing methods. While they are not certified organic, they do everything in their power to raise their crops and animals in the healthiest way possible.

Kauffman’s Fruit Farm

A family-operated orchard nestled in the middle of the fertile Amish farmlands of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Owned and operated by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations of Kauffmans. Specializing in growing quality apples, cherries, peaches, pears and plums and producing tasty fruit products.

Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (LFFC) is a non profit organic farmers cooperative of 75 farmers in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. We focus on creating healthy high quality foods from our highly maintained and enriched soils on our small scale family farms.
The produce sold through LFFC is certified organic unless otherwise noted. We do support farmers that are looking to make their farms sustainable. We also support local farms that use Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) techniques.

Last Straw Farm

Last Straw Farm is located in Berks County about 10 miles north of Reading, PA. The farm is founded on research and experimental techniques using sustainable farming practices. The crops are high yield, low labor, drought resistant varieties which yields a unique product offering. The farmer never leaves the land bare or uncovered which means a crop is grown in the soil at all times of the year. Another major focus of the farm is using human skill and technique rather than heavy equipment resulting in a lower footprint for the farm.

MicroLeaf Farms

MicroLeaf Farms grows tasty Microgreens year-round! They have 7 varieties of micros that currently include: sunflower shoots, spicy radish shoots, brassica mix, Bull’s Blood Beets, cilantro, basil, and pea shoots. Microgreens are adolescent plants, usually harvested at or near the stage of the cotyledon leaves. They’re the most nutritious part of the plant’s life cycle, and that’s why they taste so good!

ReAnimator Coffee Roasters

ReAnimator Coffee is driven by the experience of coffee: whether the experience is sourcing coffees at origin – in Ethiopia or Guatemala, or anywhere around the world – or cupping with broker partners; roasting production coffees or new crop coffee samples; or tasting the latest batch off the roaster. Everything they do is in pursuit of that experience. Coffee is not simply a utility, but a noble beverage, and they are constantly amazed by the complex interactions it creates in our brains and our society, the connections it forges, and the creativity that it inspires. ReAnimator are driven to understand the challenges of producing this beverage and supporting and sustaining the hard work of the communities and families whose livelihoods depend on the planting, harvesting, and processing of coffee.
Just as they are driven to seek this knowledge, they are also driven to pass this knowledge on. It is ReAnimator’s purpose as a roaster to provide to their customers not only an outstanding coffee experience, but to impart as much information about the coffees to their customers as they care to know.

Sambar Kitchen

Sambar Kitchen is a movement. The Mission of Sambar Kitchen is to give vegetarians a voice. Vegetarians have very little options in cuisine and we want to make vegetarians the center of our focus. Sambar Kitchen makes eating healthy as easy as opening a bottle. Our promise to the world is that we will use only quality ingredients and only use socially responsible packaging. We pledge to manufacture nourishing cuisine and deliver excellence.

Sunny Harvest Farms

Located in Glenn Mills, PA this collective is made up of Amish family farmers. The grow a range of fruits and vegetables between the 10 farmers. Innovative and forward looking, these farmers extend their growing season with high tunnels, and combine old and new techniques to responsibly and productively farm their land.

Swarmbustin’ Honey

Swarmbustin’ Honey was founded to support their habit, of keeping bees. Their passion exploded and with it the number of hives, followed by beeyards sprouting up in three counties in Pennsylvania and one in northern Delaware. Twenty years later they operate under the umbrella of a cottage industry simply “Gone Wild.”
The wildness has spread, seeding outbuildings including barns and sheds ‘beeing’ used for warehousing and work stations. Their efficiency is restricted by their perpetual bouncing of materials between buildings. The hub of all this activity is their home. They have extended their limitations to the max, Bustin out of their seams, if you will, hence the need for an All-Under-One-Roof Facility for Swarmbustin’ Honey.

Tap Root Farm

Embracing the principles and practices of Organic farming, Taproot Farm produces the highest quality vegetables, fruits and eggs. Taproot Farm is a family farm, founded in 2009 by farmer George Brittenburg and his wife Ola Creston. Together, with their devotion to sustainable agriculture and healthy food, they strive to make the farm an exciting and productive source of healthy, fresh food in the region. Located in the hills of Berks County, Pennsylvania, Taproot serves the Lehigh Valley, the Philadelphia Metro Region and locations in Berks County and Reading.

Weavers Orchard

Weaver’s Orchard’s family farming began with Jacob and Lizzie Weaver. They were fruit growers in Delaware whose son, Daniel, purchased the current Berks county property. He started Weaver’s Orchard in 1931, with little inkling of what the orchard would become. He planted fruit trees, berries and vegetables and marketed the produce by the truckload on street corners in the city of Reading. At the time, this was known as a “Huckster route,” which meant he was a type of produce peddler common in those days. Soon he started selling from the farm and set Weaver’s Orchard on the path to becoming a community destination. Daniel’s son Allen became a partner in the operation and the business continued to grow as they marketed the produce through farmers markets and on the farm. Weaver’s wants the property to be one people can come and enjoy as they pick their own fruit or shop the farm market, attend parties and events, including corporate events, educational opportunities and family-friendly experiences on the farm. The Weaver family’s vision for the business CONTINUES to expand, with hopes of a new market some day that will an expanded garden center, bakery and more events like farm to table dinners.

Woodlands Food

Since their very first shipment of chanterelle mushrooms in 1989, Woodland Foods’ focus has been on unusual ingredients. They’ve established themselves as a growing leader in procuring and providing ‘difficult to find’ specialty foods from around the world.

Zone 7

Back in the winter of 2008, Mark and Judy Dornstreich of Branch Creek Farm invited Mikey Azzara out to their Bucks County farm with a simple point: “Distribution is still the missing link between talented growers, great local product, and interested wholesale customers, particularly chefs.” So if there was all this great local product and unmet demand, why wasn’t it happening? As it turns out, several inherent challenges exist. That night at Branch Creek, they laid out the issues in connecting farmers with customers and discussed ways to bridge the gap.
Given Mikey’s farming background and work at NOFA-NJ (2003-2008) to connect NJ / PA growers with interested wholesale customers, Mark and Judy emphasized that he was uniquely positioned to take a more active role. At the same time, Chef Will of The Brothers Moon Restaurant in Hopewell was also nudging him; “You know all the farmers, and you know who the right customers are. Just get a truck and start doing it.”
Zone 7 was founded on strong relationships not only with farms, but also with customers. We’ve had to learn the ins and outs of distribution, and we couldn’t have done it without our customers’ understanding along the way. (Thanks Huntley Taverne! Thanks Frog and the Peach!) In 2008, they started with 10 farms and picked up and delivered produce all in the same day. Today, they’re working with over 120 farms and have devised a distribution system that effectively works for both the farmer and the customer. They always try to keep things as easy as possible with one goal in mind: keeping the connection alive between farmer and customer.


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