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Meet Alfrea, the social enterprise that’s like Airbnb for community gardening

If you belong to one of the 40+ million households in the United States that gardens for food, you should probably know about Alfrea.

March 22, 2017

Alfrea founder, David Wagstaff Interviewed by foodtank Joey DeMarco

Foodtank, the thinktank for food., March 2017
Alfrea, a company based in Linwood, New Jersey, is trying to extend the sharing economy to garden spaces. The company was founded in 2016 as an online marketplace for renting land and finding farm hands for hire. Alfrea has since expanded to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Frederick, Maryland. The company has plans to expand nationwide. The website also has as a farmers’ market platform which allows farmers to sell produce at any time.

Foodbytes!: October 2016

FoodBytes! by Rabobank was created with a simple mission in mind – to find the most innovative and ground-breaking concepts in food and agriculture, and pair that creativity with the capital needed to bring it to market. Alfrea was one of 20 companies to be hand selected to pitch at the Foodbytes! Boulder event from over 150 applicants. The event took place in Boulder, CO in October 2016 where Alfrea had the opportunity to present a 60 second pitch in front of over 350 attendees.

Mentor Capital Network: October 2016

Mentor Capital Network: October 2016

Alfrea Wellness was selected as part of the Mentor Capital Network Fall cohort

The Mentor Capital Network invests expertise in social entrepreneurs. They connect a global web of experts with early stage, visionary entrepreneurs who are developing mission-driven market solutions to address the world’s biggest social, economic, and environmental problems. Alfrea Wellness was selected to be part of Mentor Capital Networks Fall cohort. As a member, Alfrea Wellness is recognized by the organization as an enterprise with social impact. Alfrea was one of 40 companies to be chosen for Mentor Capital Network’s Fall cohort out of over 1,000 total applicants. As a member of the organizations Fall cohort, Alfrea Wellness has access to mentoring and feedback from over 1,000 of the world’s best industry and regional experts as well as connections to other organizations in the cohort providing different perspectives and a chance to work with entrepreneurs who can appreciate the ideas and pain points of Alfrea.


New Jersey Green Association | August 26, 2016

Millions of environmentally conscious Americans are taking up their spades, ripping up their lawns and planting fruit and vegetable crops in an effort to boost heath and wellness, save money and reverse climate change. But not everyone is enjoying the benefits of the new backyard garden movement, and a local New Jersey start-up called Alfrea wants to change that.

How to Become an Organic Farmer When You Live in an Apartment

By Elianna Bar-El, Contributor | Posted: July 25, 2016

Alfrea Wellness helps city folks rent and share garden space and sell their produce.

Alfrea Wellness Local Sustainable Food Grown to Order | Patrick Mullin | Northfield, NJ

By Jackie Marie Beyer | July 4, 2016

Patrick Mullin is here to share his service connecting farmers with markets, would-be gardeners with land, and customers with local fresh produce!

A growing business: Local startup planting Uber, Airbnb idea in the backyard garden!

MARTIN DeANGELIS, Staff Writer, Press of Atlantic City | June 19, 2016

David Wagstaff knows he needs help with his garden. And he knows the help is out there. It could come from people who know how to start a garden, or to build the raised beds that many gardeners recommend. Or it could be people who have time to go to somebody else’s place and work in their garden, either for money or just for a share of the produce they grow. He’s sure there’s much more help available too, but the problem was that Wagstaff didn’t know exactly how to find it. So he’s starting a company to do that for him — and for lots of other people in similar situations.

Delivering veggies to the sharing economy

Shannon Eblen | Posted: June 19, 2016


CAMDEN – What if something like Uber or AirBnB could direct you not to a car ride or place to stay, but to fresh produce and gardening plots? That was the thought David Wagstaff shared with his then personal trainer, and later business partner, Patrick Mullin.
“From there we developed the idea,” Mullin said, “then decided we wanted to go with local food, local land share and local services to develop a local food economy.” On Friday, that idea launched as Alfrea, a website connecting people with land with people who want to garden, people who want to garden with gardening experts, and people who have fruits and vegetables with people who have none.

Want to Garden but have no ground. This Website can help.

By Diane Mastrull, STAFF WRITER | Posted: June 19, 2016

What Airbnb has done for vacationers looking for a room to rent, Alfrea hopes to do for those looking to grow their own food. The New Jersey-based start-up launched Friday to connect those wanting to garden with people who have some extra planting space to offer. And if growers wind up with more tomatoes and zucchini than they can make sauce and bread with, will help them sell that surplus.

Alfrea launched on June 17, 2016, at the Parkside Learning Garden in Camden, N.J.

To start, we’re serving southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, P.A. and Frederick, M.D., with plans to expand soon to communities across the U.S., and beyond! We had a wonderful response from local journalists, who published stories about Alfrea in the Press of Atlantic City, the Courier-Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer’s website,

Alfrea Wellness Gardening Launches a Revolutionary Way to Connect Food, Farm and Garden

By Bren Haas | June 14, 2016

Are you enjoying all the veggies, herbs and flowers that are being shared this season on social media as we head into the summer growing season? Anxious to get out and grow something but you don’t have the space or know how? I’m super excited to share with you a new site that brings local agriculture and community garden resources together. Now you can grow …. and Alfrea Gardening is going to help you connect with the experts.

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