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What’s different about Alfrea?

The average large US company spends $12,865 per employee per year on healthcare expenses.

But did you know that 50% of that expense is food choice related? This causes deadly and expensive diseases like Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, Type II Diabetes, 14 types of Cancer etc. These impact employers, whether the employee is sick or a family member:

· emotional drain, which cost employers productivity

· health care cost, these are exepensive often chronic conditions

Did you know, About 76% of US workers arn’t eating fresh fruits and vegetables. When people eat more fruits and vegetables studies prove they are happier, healthier, have higher productivity, have higher cognitive function and miss less days of work. This is a major employee benefit and can boost your Corporate Wellness Programs.

That is making them prone to deadly diseases and causing companies huge healthcare expenses. This is why we at Alfrea pledge to boost employee health and wellness by providing fresh fruits and vegetables delivered directly from farm to office in corporate fruit baskets! In this way, we boost Corporate Wellness Programs.

That’s why studies show prevention has a 3x to 10x return on investment which acts as a key Corporate Wellness Program.

Lots of providers are offering fitness but no end to end provider that we are aware of is creating behavioural change through fresh whole food and boosting employee health and wellness and benefiting employees.


We at Alfrea are encouraging a behavioral change by:

1. Making fresh foods convenient. When foods are convenient people eat more of them which promotes employee wellness and benefits employees.

· We are providing fresh whole fruits at work in the form of Corporate Fruit Baskets and Corporate Vegetable Baskets.

· We provide access to a convenient online farmers market where employers can buy food from mostly local farmer using sustainable practices.

2. Provide fun and informative education, workshops, training and corporate events to encourage behavioral changes. These included classes like:

· backyard farming 101 & 102

· the smoothie operator

· meet the farmer and meet the chef

3. We offer food garden design, garden installation and garden maintenance services all geared to encourage healthy employee behaviors. Studies prove when people participate in growing their own, they eat more fruits and veggies.

· we design and set up corporate community workplace gardens

· we connect employees with resources to succeed in growing in their own backyard.

· We are already serving 3 hospitals which are part of one of the largest health systems in the

· a Fortune 500 CPG company and

· Multiple other companies that are encouraging fresh foods at work and gaining 3x to 10x return on corporate wellness investment and thus boosting employee health and wellness.



– Our online farm store opens every Friday at 10am.
– Your team has until 10am the day before our farm delivery to browse the workplace CSA store and place their farm box orders online.
– We work with about 120 local farms so you can find local sustainable and organically grown food that’s convenient and offers the variety your employees want.
– We’ll work with you to schedule a regular delivery time and location that works for you and your staff, such as the kitchen or conference room.
– Our basic package starts with a $75 fruit box delivered to the office each week. We also offer weekly fruit and veggie boxes delivered to employees at the office.
– We currently deliver primarily local farm fresh fruits and vegetables in the Greater Philadelphia area, South and Central New Jersey, the Greater Wilmington, DE area and Eastern PA.

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