Corporate Health and Wellness Benefit

  • Provide your employees with an innovative health and wellness employee benefit and provide an important example of corporate social responsibility.
  • Studies show that cognitive function, employee performance, health and happiness are improved by eating fruits and vegetables.
  • Yet 77% of U.S. workers consume inadequate amounts.

  • 94% of corporate healthcare cost is spent on treatment rather than prevention.

  • The average Fortune 500 company spends $12,685/employee/year on healthcare.

  • 40% of healthcare expense is related to illnesses caused by food choices including Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer. 
  • And growing food locally not only helps employees eat and get the nutrition they need is a great example of corporate social responsibility.  Growing and eating local food makes a difference for the environment and provides local jobs.

Alfrea offers a fresh new way to change these numbers for your organization.

  • Barriers to eating more fruits and vegetables include availability (49%), convenience (42%), and time (33%). 

Alfrea makes it easy for your employees to grow, eat and enjoy good food.

  • $12 billion was spent in 2014 on locally-grown food from farmers’ markets, farm-to-table and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture).

  • The local food market is growing over 14% annually.

Your employees are spending already to find good food. Now they can spend it in your program.

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