Corporate Farm & Community Garden Services

The problem

There is a race to maintain hardworking employees’ happiness. With rising healthcare costs, workers weigh corporate benefits heavily when considering a career with the right company. Meanwhile, many employees live in housing without the space to grow their own food.

The trend

The solution

Planting workplace gardens at your corporate sites can create engagement opportunities for your workforce. And if employees work to grow their food, they’re more likely to eat better, feel better, show higher cognitive function, and miss less time at work. They can also grow food as a team and donate their yield to communities in need.

The benefit

You can promote social interactions and engagement opportunities between internal teams. A workplace garden can also provide your employees with access to healthy fresh food. Gardening can improve the fitness of a workforce while showing individuals that their health matters to leadership.

Alfrea makes it easy.

We offer two simple packages to serve your workplace.

Package 1: Garden Planning

  • Garden design — We take into account your workforce’s needs, aesthetic, and location.
  • Garden build — We construct the raised beds by hand to your company’s exact specifications.
  • Garden Maintenance – We help with weeding, watering, and garden care.
  • Corporate training and workshops – We over a wide range of topics to ensure employees have the knowledge and support they need to reach their growing goals.
  • Marketing – We provide internal materials to encourage involvement from your employee base.
  • Online shop
  • Food-to-community deliveries
  • Access to fresh produce from Mid-Atlantic farmers
  • Ordering made simple: We deliver to your workplace at a specific day and time.

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