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So much more than fresh food delivery

Far too many people lack access to fresh, healthy food. We set out to change that—not just by delivering fresh produce, but by getting people involved in the full experience of growing their own food, sharing the work, and enjoying the fruits of their labor.


On-site gardens

Add a garden to your workplace or community

We help companies and communities design, build, and maintain their own gardens for a fun and fruitful addition to their environment.

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Aspiring gardeners
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Why should more people be growing and eating their own fresh food?

When people grow their own food, they eat more fruits and veggies. When they eat more fruits and veggies, they’re healthier. Add in the social aspect of gardening together, and you’ve got a huge morale booster, too. Getting involved in the fresh food movement is a natural, affordable solution to our corporate and community health problems. Not to mention…have you ever tasted a fresh-picked tomato?

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