Why Alfrea?

Fresh Food changes everything

Why Alfrea?
Fresh food changes everything.

Poor health in our workplaces and communities is one expensive problem.

Health care is costing corporations an average of nearly $13,000 per employee, per year.

Did you know that half of those costs are tied to food-related illnesses? If we can change the way people eat, we can change their health—and the expenses associated with it.

Food is Medicine.


Employers’ annual health benefit cost per employee


Employed people who would change jobs for a better benefits package


Health care cost attributed to food-choice related illness

$38 billion

Spent on prevention


U.S. workers who don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables


Return on preventative care investments

But how do you change the way people eat?

We making eating healthy fun and delicious, through team based cooking classes and events.

The magic of growing your own

When people grow their own food, they eat more fruits and vegetables. That’s why we get employees and communities hands on, in the dirt, cultivating their own food where they live and work.

The joy of sharing the work

Being part of a unified effort boosts spirits and morale. Our marketplace allows anyone to share land and farm skills to come together and grow as a team.

The convenience of fresh food delivery

Because sometimes you really do need to stay at your desk, Alfrea also offers a platform for shoppers to pick and choose the fresh food they want and have it sent to their door. Get your own fruit and veggie Harvest Box delivered to the office.

The confidence from knowing more

Many want to eat better or grow their own food, but don’t know how. Our training and workshops teach gardening and cooking skills that empower people to make a change.

Across the country,
Alfrea is changing the way people eat, live, and work.

Ready to plant the seed of greater health and happiness in your company or community?

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