Alfrea Guest Blogger: Bren Haas of Creative Living and Growing

There is a photo of Bren Hass, circa 1973. She is sitting on a couch in a frilly pink dress, white tights, and Mary Jane shoes. She is grinning from ear-to-ear. Why? The Easter bunny brought her some gardening tools. It was a sign of things to come. Some four decades later, she is a renowned gardener with an enormously popular website and an unparalleled following among gardeners on social media.

And now she is guest blogging for Alfrea – lucky us! Rewind, though. A little about Bren. Around the time that Easter photo was taken, she was making old-fashioned childhood memories picking tomatoes and pickles, and smelling the rose bushes planted outside her family’s Toledo, Ohio home. In 2003, she and her husband moved their family to 18 acres outside the city, and she started blogging about her garden there.

By 2007, she was a freelance gardening photographer and eventually she was working for the top Home and Garden shows in the United States. She has been co-host of the Garden Chatter Google Hangout with Adam Cortell, and a Community Board Manager on Ask & Share, HGTV gardens. She has honed her expertise in social marketing with #gardenchat, a popular Twitter chat forum. She grows year-round in Zone 5b.

Join her for this wonderful podcast with co-founder David Wagstaff, and come back for more great writing from Bren!


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